Lots of beers brewed, updates to packaging and brewery

We’ve brewed a LOT of beer in the past 3 months – at least for us. We’ve moved to 10-gallon batches without looking back. If you’re brewing 5-gallon batches right now with a converted keg setup – just do it. Move to 10 gallons. Unless you’re bottling. ;-)

So, Matt has some pics and updates to post yet, and I have some pics as well, but I’ll post a rundown of what’s been happening:

  • Matt completed the plumbing project to replace vinyl tubing with copper from inside of the kettle, to the outside of the kettle to our Shirron wort chiller (by the way, we’ve used the Shirron in a lot of batches now. Best investment ever). The hard-wiring was tested during an American Pale Ale brew we just did, and it works wonderfully. Matt has his own theories, but mine is just that forcing us to put everything in the same position every time stopped a lot of issues we were having during the final runoff into the carboy fermenters.
  • Matt has a store-bought kegerator now, and he helped me complete my converted fridge kegerator. Namely, he bought me the shanks and tubing for my birthday. We are now both serving our beers on tap. More construction details later, but for now – Thanks Matt!
  • We’ve brewed 10 gallons each ESB, scottish ale (80~), dry irish stout, red ale, and American pale ale in the past 2 months or so. In addition, Matt has also made a really awesome mead (which he also needs to post an update on), and has been brewing a sake for like 6 weeks or so now.
  • We’ve both installed Beer Tools. So far, Matt loves it, and I hate it, but am withholding judgment until I actually read the manual.
  • I got a Blichmann thru-wall thermometer for my birthday as well — it’s on the mash tun, and it works great.
  • We’ve moved to heating the strike water in the mash tun and then adding the grain on top of it. We used to put the grain in the mash tun and dump the strike water on top of it. We haven’t seen any change in the outcome, but it’s a lot easier this way :)

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