Bamf “Yankee Vapor” Beer

So, Matt decided several days ago to brew today, because it was supposed to be 54º out today. I was planning to be under contract and working for a client today, but it didn’t happen (yet), so I was free today and decided to help out. Of course, as is often the case in New Jersey, the weather was not even close to the forecast: it was in the 20′s for most of the day, reaching the low 30′s around midday.

Anyway, Matt put together a recipe for a “Steam” beer, but then realized during his research that “Steam beer” is actually a copyrighted term, so he called it “Vapor” instead. The term “Yankee” pegs it as decidedly East Coast, and I think his recipe is going to do a good job at leading the style in the direction it so desperately wants to go in, at least on this coast.

I’m actually not sure about Matt’s experience with lager yeasts, but for me, this will be my first time brewing with a lager yeast at all. I have very little interest in lagers in general, and in the lagering process specifically. There are some lagers that I enjoy drinking, but I really like the simplicity offered by the ale brewing and fermenting process, especially since I don’t have a dedicated fridge to devote to lagering, and am on the road too much to really pay close attention to the minutiae involved in lager fermenting. Besides, for most, if not all lagers, there’s sort of an ale “equivalent” that can be made. You can also get some of the clean crispness out of some ale yeasts (usually by fermenting them slightly colder than the label would indicate is “optimal”, mainly because they’re making assumptions you’d like to dismiss).

I’m looking forward to using a new and different yeast. We’re not lagering the beer, we’re using lager yeast and fermenting it like an ale, but at a temp of about 58-60ºF. We’re using the White Labs “San Francisco Lager” yeast.

We’ll get the brew day notes and the recipe up some time this weekend.

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