Death to BamfBeer: Long Live BamfBeer!!

So, we entered our first competition last night. We brewed an American Pale Ale that we thought kicked ass, and our local brew club happened to be having a club-only competition last night, so Matt ran over and entered our beer into the competition. He couldn’t hang around, but we left the beer in good hands. We really just wanted the feedback, but thought we had a good shot at winning.

Turns out we didn’t even place: we did even better than that. We were more or less disqualified (in a de facto sort of way). The beer was technically supposed to be in bottles, but ours was in a growler. No big deal — but here’s the thing. The growler (a one-gallon jug in beer language is a “growler”) came from a local brewery (Triumph Brewing in Princeton, NJ). I had a buddy give me a whole case of these things when he moved cross-country. He had his engagement party there, and got to keep all the growlers they served out of at the party. He had no real use for them anyway, so he gave me the case of them.

What ultimately happened is that there were some people judging who thought our beer (and it *was* our beer) was actually Triumph’s beer!

We could’ve made arguments that the bottles others’ beer was in just had labels scraped off, and anything could’ve been in there, or we could’ve called them out for playing favorites, or whatever. We don’t really care. In our eyes, what happened was even better than a win. We lost not because our beer sucked, but because it was good to the point of suspicion. And that rocks. Our next goal as a brewery will be to make beer so good that it would never be mistaken for being a product of a local brewery :-D

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