Brew Day: Full Sail Amber Clone

First brew of the season, and also the first time I (brian) have brewed completely solo. My wife, Natasha, helped me multitask more effectively by doing lots of the cleaning and temp-reading chores, and generally keeping me company.

Quick Summary

There were a few new additions to the equipment list this time around: [...]

Bamf Hefe: Brew day pics!

So here are pics from our brew day last week.

Click on the pics to see descriptions and stuff – Enjoy!

First Brew Day: Pics!

Some prep work had to be done on brew day. This is my handy work – a hole cut in the top of a keg that we’re using for our boil kettle. Don’t do it this way. I was under pressure to get it done, so I used a sawzall, which doesn’t cut in circles. [...]