Bamf Simcoe IPA: This rocks

So, about 6 weeks ago, we brewed a Simcoe IPA. We decided to really go for it with the Simcoe hops after our local brew club had a meeting hosted by Magic Hat Brewing, where they passed around samples of Roxy Rolles. That beer has a distinctive Simcoe flavor, and is a pretty awesome beer.


Bamf Porter: Recipe

The original recipe was based on Papazian’s 5-gallon recipe for “Silver Dollar Porter”, modified for a 6.5 gallon batch size.

Here’s the *original* recipe and mash schedule for 6.5 gallons. 10.4 lb 2-row 1.3 lbs munich 0.65 lb crystal 0.65 lb black 0.65 lb chocolate 1.2 oz perle hops (60 minutes) .5 oz cascadeĀ  (60 [...]

Bamf Hefeweizen: Our brew day, and the recipe.

So, as per our usual procedure, Matt put together the recipe for this one, and it looks really good. Also, the little bits of the wort we tasted as it was going into the fermentator were promising!

Here’s the all-grain, 6.5 gallon recipe, followed by a play-by-play of our brew day. 5lb American two-row pale [...]

BamfBeer Red Ale: The Recipe

The recipe for the ale we brewed two days ago is a pretty well modified version of the recipe for Trout River Rainbow Red Ale that appeared in the March-April ’06 issue of Brew Your Own magazine. Almost all of the step-by-step process was different for our setup than what is given in the magazine, [...]