Bamf Simcoe IPA: This rocks

So, about 6 weeks ago, we brewed a Simcoe IPA. We decided to really go for it with the Simcoe hops after our local brew club had a meeting hosted by Magic Hat Brewing, where they passed around samples of Roxy Rolles. That beer has a distinctive Simcoe flavor, and is a pretty awesome beer.



I went to the Glendale Liquors store in Kendall Park, NJ yesterday. I spent $23.11 (if memory serves) on beer there. I bought one large bottle each of Bluebird Bitter, Sly Fox Saison, Stone Ruination IPA, and I also bought a six pack of Stone Pale Ale. I bought the Bluebird cold, for sure, but [...]

Red Ale Tested, Next Brew Rescheduled

First, we’re brewing the bitter this coming weekend – on Saturday, July 1st. The recipe will be written by Matt tomorrow. Matt generally writes all of the recipes. We occasionally haggle over minor details, but we haven’t made a beer so disgustingly bad that I have any reason to question Matt’s skills In fact, we [...]

Another New Beer: St Peter’s Brewery

I had occasion to spend some time in New England recently, and my father-in-law Mike found this beer called “St. Peter’s”. He had bought their cream stout, porter, and english ale, and we tried all of them.

I liked the english ale the best. It had a hop flavor to it that I liked, but [...]

The Shirron Wort Chiller

The first day we used the Shirron Wort Chiller was the first brew day of the season. It was one of a number of upgrades we had applied to a pretty old, all-gravity system. By the time we got to the wort chiller, we were pretty hesitant, since equipment failures had forced our hand a [...]