London Beer Adventure

I’ve just returned from a week-long business trip to London. Since it wasn’t a vacation trip, two things were true: first, I was on my own. I didn’t have the family with me, so I was left to my own devices. Second, I was working most of the time, so I didn’t have all day [...]

Yeast Starters in a Nutshell

So now with us doing 10 gal batches I realized that a big cost is in the yeast. I have always done a starter culture with one vial, Bri all ways sided with 2 vials of white-labs. At 8 dollars and change a vial this adds up kind of quick. Overall this could [...]

Bamf Black Asphalt Stout Fermenting, And More…

So, we’ve been on a bit of a tear lately. We brewed a follow-up, tweaked version of our Hacker’s Knuckle ESB, and that was just kegged today, and as soon as the carboys were empty, they had to be cleaned and sterilized to hold the Black Asphalt Stout we brewed today.

The astute reader will [...]

Hacker’s Knuckle ESB Gets Nod of Approval

So, I took a couple of 1/2 gallon growlers of the Hacker’s Knuckle ESB to a barbecue on Friday, and Matt gave it the nod of approval. I have to admit I was surprised myself. It was yeasty, but aside from that it was damn good.

The yeasty part will probably subside. What happened was, [...]

Hacker’s Knuckle ESB – Session Notes, and Lessons Learned

After a few batches now, I’m still not where I’d like to be with my brewing process and setup and everything. Things were much simpler when we just had the old Coleman cooler mash tun and used my porch steps to set up an all-gravity system

Now I have a converted keg system. I [...]

Tasting lots of beer, brewing… nothing (for now)

A couple of things have happened in the past year that have given me a chance to spend more time tasting beers. The birth of my first child, and the buyout of a local liquor store. I’ll explain.

My wife and I had our first child, our daughter Molly, in May 2007. Since that day, [...]

New technique: “Beer in a Bag”

BAMF is already an all-grain operation, but some folks down under developed a technique targeted at extract brewers who would like to move to all grain, but either can’t afford it or are confused by all of the extra equipment involved. I was really skeptical when I read this, but have since seen some people [...]

Gearing up for first brew of the season

I have ordered a couple of odds and ends, and I’m planning for the changes that need to be made this brewing season. Last year, we added the pump, moved to converted kegs, got a new wort chiller, and added a new sparge arm. With all of the big-ticket, Earth-shattering changes pretty much out of [...]

Winter means a short break to regroup

Since we have a brewery setup that requires us to brew outdoors, and since that setup really is NOT optimized for cold weather, Bamf Beer breaks in the winter to regroup and plan for the upcoming brewing season.

Our last brew was the Bamf Porter, and we brewed that only like a week or two [...]

Just Brew It

I have a sort of need to brew. I love a challenge. I love to solve problems. I love that brewing forces you into positions that you don’t plan for, and forces you to think and act in the moment to solve problems, or face losing the prized result: happily fermenting beer peacefully but busily [...]